Halliman vows to make KTHS good again

September 08, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer St George's College's Craig Hyde (left) and Kingston Technical High School ( KTHS) player Adrian Davis batle for the ball during the ISSA/FLOW Manning Cup football match at Winchester Park, St George's College, on September 14, 2015. St George's won 9-0.

It's been 35 years since Kingston Technical High School won the last of their two Walker Cup titles, and it has been more than 20 years since they've reach the second round.

However, veteran coach Leebert Halliman, who made the school a title contender in the 1990s, is back at the helm and promises that they will be more competitive this year.

"The school has a serious problem," said Halliman.

"There is no football programme, and my aim is to try and put something in place. "Poor results, backed by last year's display was demoralising, so talents don't want to represent because of what happened in the past," he said.


The other problem is that they don't have a playing field and a vibrant physical education department, which is a big disadvantage.

"Not having a field affects all sports, but we have a new principal who is interested and getting support from the past students, so the future looks bright," he said.

"It won't be easy. It will be very difficult because they have tradition. My programme starts from the (under-14 and under-16) nursery. So some of the people that passed subjects, we are going to build the team around them," Halliman added.

"My aim is to help inner-city youth, so I figure that I should deal with an inner-city school and try to help the boys and the girls, and I chose Kingston Tech. I am not promising any miracle, but I am sure we will do better than last year and for the last 20 years, and that is my aim," he said.

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