My critics were wrong - Francis

September 15, 2016
@Normal:Jamaica's Javon Francis celebrates winning the silver medal in the men's 4x400 metres at the Rio Olympics.<\n><\n><\n><\n>

National 400 metres star, Javon Francis, believes he proved his critics wrong with his performance in the Olympic Games 4x400 metres final, in which Jamaica won silver.

The former Calabar athlete said he learnt from his error at last year's World Championships, adding that his performance at the recent Olympics proves he can change his methods.

"The night before the 4x400 final I sat in my room from about two o'clock to about four o'clock watching all the 4x400m races I ran, and I made a mistake last year at the World Championships because I went out too hard and burnt out in the straight," Francis said.




He revealed that he will be approaching more of his races in the future with a broader tactical outlook.

"My family and the whole Jamaica expected us to get a medal and we knew we had it in us. When we ran the semi-final we knew we could medal. We just had to go out and do our best. We knew the other teams were going to come hard, so it's just who had the better 'A' game and we went out and did our best and collected the silver medal," he said.

Francis said he can only run one way and that is by going all out until his tank is empty.

"Many Jamaicans say I can only run one way but I learnt from that and I changed my race tactics and rebounded and shock everyone. They said I could not do it but I did it before and I did it again.

"So the more I run, the more I learn. It is a learning process I am young and I am still learning," he said.

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