Tuffy apologises

October 06, 2016
File Anderson

Embattled football striker Jermaine 'Tuffy' Anderson is to resume his duties with Waterhouse Football Club with immediate effect, and started training yesterday.

Waterhouse's club president, Donovan White, released a statement to that effect yesterday, adding that media reports suggesting the club sacked him because of his age were inaccurate.

The release was also accompanied by one from Anderson, in which he withdrew his comments made in a STAR article on September 23 in which he said the club owed him an apology, and he would only resume training when said apology was proffered.


"Ill-advised" interview


Those comments threw Anderson into hot water with his employers. Since then, both parties met and ironed out their differences.

Anderson in his statement declared that his interview was "ill-advised", and he was, "out of place to put the club in that position", and to bring it into disrepute.

White, on the other hand, noted that at no time did he make comments regarding the player's age, but insisted that after deep introspection after two below-par seasons in the Premier League, the club took a decision to rebuild the team around youth.

"Within that context the club and its star striker, who was a free agent, made an amicable decision to part ways," White's statement read.

However, he said both the club and Anderson continued to have dialogue after the start of the season with a view to resolve matters and return him to the team, and he was happy to announce the return of the big striker with "immediate effect".

"Today, we are happy to advise football fans across Jamaica that their favourite striker will rejoin the team with immediate effect. Jermaine Anderson has been a super contributor for the past nine years and we love and respect his dedication to the game. We are happy to have him back in training and look forward to when the technical team thinks he is ready to take the field," White concluded.

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