Andre Russell's hearing to continue today

October 07, 2016
Andre Russell

The whereabouts clause violation hearing for West Indies all-round cricketer AndrÈ Russell at the Jamaica Conference Centre yesterday was postponed to 10:30 a.m. today, after a 65-minute delay because of the none appearance of independent panel member Dr Majorie Vassell.

Today, Russell's lawyers will continue cross-examination of witness Nadia Vassell. Jadco's executive director, Carey Brown, will also be cross-examined, while Russell could also take the stand.

According to panel chairman Hugh Faulkner, the hearing could have continued under rule 8.3.4, which states that a hearing can proceed if a member is ill or unable to continue, however, he noted that the situation did not apply, as Dr Vassell was inexplicably absent and all efforts to contact her proved futile.


Concern over phone evidence


Before the adjournment, Russell's lead representative, Patrick Forster, raised concern over JADCO attorney Lackston Robinson giving evidence via telephone.

"The rules permit evidence to be given by telephone, and there is no doubt about that, so it's well in the right of Mr Robinson to give evidence in that manner. But I made the observation that it would be better in this modern era to have evidence given by video link so you can assess the demeanor of the witness and make a better evaluation of the evidence as it is given. It is something I may deal with further tomorrow, but I just raised it, not as an objection, but as a concern," he said.

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