STATHS has six-year Champs plan

October 19, 2016
Isa Phillips

Two-time Olympians Mike Fray and Isa Phillips and 1983 World Championship sprinter Everard Samuels are part of the rich track and field history nurtured at St Andrew Technical High School (STATHS).

If a new ambitious thrust hits the target, STATHS will make more history by winning one or both of the team titles at Boys and Girls' Championships six years from now. That goal is entrenched in a '2-4-6' plan that is now guiding track and field at the school.

Speaking in positive terms, STATHS Champs hero Donald 'Cherry' Davis said last week, "it's a plan to win Champs step by step and we'll try to win it in the sixth year."

first step

According to the school's past students association, the first step has been successfully taken and has seen the STATHS' track and field team increase in size to 130 student-athletes. They train under the guidance of IAAF level 5 instructor Roy Thomas who has replaced Ransford Spaulding as head coach.

Launched earlier this year, the STATHS 2-4-6 plan aims to build the teams from the lower age groups and to work towards finishing in the Champs top 10 in 2018 which is year two, in the top 5 in year four, 2020 and to challenge for the team titles in 2022, the sixth year of the new programme.

graduating athletes

Centrally, STATHS expects to create opportunities for their graduating athletes to obtain a free college education via athletic scholarships.

Davis, a STATHS Boys Championship high jump winner in 1980, is part of a group that is helping to steer the school to glory.

"When you see people making an effort, you have to join them and I'm proud of them," he said.

Davis, a long time supporter of his old school, is encouraging fellow past students, corporate sponsors and friends of STATHS to help.

"We just need to get the financial backing," he said. A website, GoFundMe, has been set up to receive donations.

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