Denbigh principal praises winning team

December 09, 2016
Excelsior's goal-defence Kamia Daley (centre) attempts to block Denbigh's goal-attack Denay Thomas (right) during the ISSA All-Island Senior netball final at the Leila Robinson Netball Court on Wednesday. Denbigh won 34-33.


Denbigh High's celebrations were high on Wednesday following their capture of the all-island netball title.

The Janice Walker-Hanson and Christine Bartley-coached team broke a 14-year drought after defeating urban counterparts Excelsior in the final.

Among the spectators who ran on to the court was principal of the Clarendon institution, Janice Julal, clad in her school's aquamarine and white colours and waving her flag.


Made sacrifices


"I am really overwhelmed and excited because the girls have really worked hard. They have been in training since summer, giving up a lot of time and making sacrifices for this, and to see them coming out victorious after putting in so much effort is really a good feeling and I am happy for them and the coaches," Julal told STAR Sports.

In the third quarter, a big lead was eaten up by Excelsior, who tied the score with less than a minute to go.

"It was nerve wracking. We realised that the girls had lost a little focus as some of them were getting tired. The coaches had to make adjustments, but we are happy that they were able to have found that inner strength to come back and regain the focus and take back control of the game," she continued.

She was overjoyed with the win given the team's history in netball.

"The school has a history of greatness in netball. Since 2000, we have been doing well, and for them to be working with that kind of tradition of excellence for over 16 years, this is something which means a lot to the school community. We are known as a netball school and every school needs something that it can excel in. For Denbigh and the community, netball is it, so this is a wonderful victory for us," she finished.

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