Speid should stick to volleyball - Stewie

January 13, 2017

Outgoing president of the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) Ambassador A.B. 'Stewart' Stephenson has warned former head of the association Rudolph Speid that he should not put himself up for the nomination for president.

"I suggest that he stick with volleyball because he seems to be doing a fair job there, and the girls that play on the beach in volleyball are very attractive ,and maybe I will join him there," said Stephenson

Speid, who was the president of KSAFA from 2008-2014, recently expressed interest in becoming president of the association.




However, the tough-talking Stephenson said that this would be a backward step for KSAFA and that his executive would be supporting General Secretary Wayne Shaw for the post.

"I don't think the delegates need to be spoken to because we inherited an association that was virtually in a shamble, and with what we have built, no well-thinking delegate would want to go back and destroy the association," Stephenson said.

"We are supporting Wayne, and we know that Wayne will do a good job in maintaining the strengthen of the association."

Stephenson said that he is stepping down from the post to concentrate on building his law practice.

"As a lawyer, I have to be very careful in looking forward because you still have to expect a long life, and if you have the energy and vitality to continue to earn, then I have to give myself the opportunity to develop my practice," Stephenson said.

"I have reformed my practice because I have a young attorney with me, and so we have to make it viable in terms of providing financial aid for ourselves and our family," he said.

A two-time president of KSAFA, Stephenson first held the post in 1996 and served for 11 years. He was then succeeded by Speid.

He then returned to replace Speid in 2014 and was in his second term.

Among Stephenson's achievements were brokering a television-rights deal with Television Jamaica to broadcast quarter-final, semi-final, and final matches for its competitions for five years; ridding the confederation of debt; and relocating to larger headquarters.

Nominations for the post of president of KSAFA will open today and close on January 20. The special general meeting to elect the new president will be on that date.

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