Principals say yes

January 21, 2017

There was an overwhelming 'yes' vote yesterday in favour of the implementation of a five-point proposal, recommended by the technical committee of Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships.

All 105 principals present at yesterday's Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) meeting held at the Terra Nova Hotel voted for the proposals to come into effect at the 2017 championships.

There was a slight adjustment in one of the recommendations concerning Class Three girls, but ISSA vice-president and principal at St Elizabeth Technical (STETHS), Keith Wellington, was very pleased with the support shown by his colleagues.

Following recommendations in November last and after meeting with the coaches a month later, the proposals were brought to the principals meeting yesterday needing a 75 per cent approval rate for immediate implementation.

"I am very proud of my colleagues who voted overwhelming as the bottom line here is the interest of the student athletes as this was foremost in the minds of the principals," said Wellington.


Limiting the athletes


The STETHS headmaster added that the biggest issues in the discussion had to deal with timing and the Class Three girls competing in the 3000m and 2000m steeplechase events.

"We had discussions about the decisions being taken now or next year and the consensus was that it should be this year as only those athletes who were down to compete in three events would be affected and that was one of our objectives in limiting the athletes in doing more than two events. Also, after meeting with the coaches in December, we went back to the technical committee and made a recommendation concerning the second year Class Three girls doing the 3000m steeplechase due to the limited amount of athletes in Class One and they accepted," added Wellington.

The changes:

• The boys' 400m hurdles will be contested in Class One and Class Two.

• Only girls from Classes One and Two, as well as second year Class Three girls will be allowed to compete in the 3000m and the 2000m steeplechase.

• Athletes will only be allowed to do two individual events and two relays, except in field events where athletes can do three individual events and one relay.

• Girls competing in the heptathlon can only do one other individual event, while boys contesting the decathlon will not be allowed to do any other event.

• Only Classes One and Two boys can compete in the 5000m and 3000m steeplechase.

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