Brown hails Whitmore

February 21, 2017

Former national player and coach Carl Brown has heaped praise on current trainer, Theodore Whitmore, for his faith in young players.
   Whitmore started three 19-year-olds  - Shamar Nicholson, Kevon Lambert and Jourdaine Fletcher in a majority local-based squad  which turned back Honduras 1-0 last Friday.
Brown, Rene Simoes' assistant during the France 1998 campaign, insists the talent is here and young players need exposure and experience to grow..
"There is no other way young players will get exposure, other than getting out and play. So I am happy we are seeing that. Gold Cup is coming and the only way you will know if they can cope is to put them in the kitchen where it's hot, and I believe that is the direction we must go," Brown said.
Brown believes Whitmore had no choice but to rebuild with youngsters.
   "I don't believe he had an option. This is his saving grace, that is what he has to do, rely on the young ones ... and the more experience they get, the more they play, the better they will get," he stated.
    "It's a good result (1-0 win against Honduras) and I am so happy. Theodore and his staff will feel that joy and the pressure will be lifted. They got two very good results recently and it's encouraging," he added..

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