More than $77 million earmarked for athletes welfare

March 08, 2017
Minister of Sport Olivia Grange

The Sports Development Foundation (SDF) more than tripled its budget for its Athlete's Welfare programme last year over 2015 according to the body's latest annual report released last year.

The SDF spent $23,554,000 on athletes welfare, stipends, insurance and scholarships in 2015 and it budgeted $77,075,000 for the same purposes last year.

Over the last two years, there has been an outcry from athletes, especially in track and field for greater financial support from the local authorities especially from athletes who do not make a substantial income from their sport of choice.

The ministry of sport had given its commitment to improving the fortunes of local athletes.

In total, the SDF estimated that it would spend $645,4111,000 on infrastructure projects, national association, government agencies, and welfare programmes last year.

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