No plans to reduce number of KSAFA clubs

March 10, 2017
Kingston and St Andrew Football Association president, Wayne Shaw (right) dislays the shirt for the KSAFA Under 20 football competition with Simone Jackson marketing manager of Locker Room Sports.

Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) President Wayne Shaw says that the confederation has no immediate plans to reduce the number of clubs it governs.

The confederation currently has 37 clubs and Shaw and previously said that KSAFA would be exploring ideas on how to adequately provide funding for all the clubs involved.

One idea that came up was reducing the number of clubs it governs, with some saying that clubs could be merged.

However, Shaw said that no such measure would be taken without first meeting with officials and representatives of each club.

That meeting took place earlier this week and Shaw told STAR Sports that such drastic measures would not be taken.




Instead, he said that KSAFA would continue as is for now although he admitted that the number of clubs and lack of money to fully support each is still a concern. But he said that the association would be meeting with the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica in order to discuss ways of coming up with alternative incomes, especially through sponsorship.

Shaw said that an announcement would soon be made regarding details on what would be done, but for now, he would rather not get into specifics on what it would include.

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