INSPORTS told to 'scale down' programmes

March 16, 2017
Minister of Culture, Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Sports Olivia Grange.


The board of the Institute of Sports (INSPORTS) has been told to scale down on its programmes until a series of corrective measures to deal with a breakdown in the system of the Government entity have been fully implemented.

It's just the latest in a string of issues plaguing the institution over the last few month. In February, the board suspended Administrative Director Ian Andrews.

Minister of Sport, Olivia Grange, said in a release on Tuesday that she had given the instruction and said that an "urgent transformation" of INSPORTS was in progress noting that her government inherited in 2016 an entity that was "continually breaking the law, badly managed, and in need of urgent transformation."

Grange's statement came following the report in Parliament last week by Auditor General Pamela Munroe-Ellis of a Special Audit conducted by her.


Corrective Action Plan


"I received a draft of the Auditor General's Special Audit upon my return to government and immediately gave instructions for a Corrective Action Plan to be developed to deal with the breaches" Grange said in a statement on Tuesday.

"I made it clear to the Board of Management which we appointed in July 2016 that the first priority was the transformation of Insports into a well-run, accountable organisation that gives value to the people of Jamaica" it added.

Some of the breaches that were addressed included approved Corporate and Operational Plans with specific, measurable and achievable targets; producing monthly and quarterly reports; regular meetings of the Board, and a charter and requisite terms of reference for its various sub-committees.

Meanwhile, Grange said the board was moving to deal with other weaknesses in its internal control and had given instructions for the development of manuals, standard operating procedures and systems to govern the management of resources.

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