Keane counters Grants punches

March 24, 2017
Leiza-Mae Keane

K'NRG Management Director Leiza-Mae Keane has fired back at criticism about her boxers by Bruising Gym founder Carl Grant, saying thay they came to her because they were not getting the attention they needed there.

Grant recently told STAR Sports that his former boxers-Sakima Mullings, Kesna Davis, and Michael Gardner were what he described as "ungrateful" because they left him when "they became something," despite all the time and dedication he put in towards their development.


Current manager


Keane was Mullings' manager when he won the Wray and Nephew Contender Series in 2014 but says that she was not the reason he left Bruising Gym as he came to her after he had made the decision. She is also the current manager of Gardener, who is now in Panama training.

She says that Gardner met her because of his close friendship with 2015 Contender Series winner Kemahl Russell, who is also her client. She added that Gardner was about to leave the sport because it was not funding his cost of living and he wanted to return to school instead.

"He's not present at the gym for training most of the time. Yes, he taught them to box, but when there is an event to take place for them to go away (overseas), for instance, then Carl would be somewhat present."

Keane also mentioned that Richard Holmes, a current member of the Bruising Gym, had been offered to her by Grant, but she said that he was not signed because he could not handle the high intensity of her coach, Carly Carew's, training methods.

"Holmes came to training for one day with Carew and he could not manage the training, he never came back.

"I'm not trying to make a statement against Carl. I have no enemies in this business, but what I have seen that is persistent with Carl, is that he does not pay attention to his boxers," Keane said.

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