Spencer's attorney slams 'public' anti-doping hearing

March 30, 2017
Kaliese Spencer and agent Marvin Anderson arriving at the Jamaica Conference Centre for her preliminary hearing yesterday.


Kaliese Spencer's attorney Paul Greene, yesterday, called into question the public nature of the athlete's disciplinary hearing into an anti-doping rule violation as the question was raised as to whether the media would be allowed to take video or still photography during the hearing which begins on May 15.

Greene made his grouse known during the preliminary hearing into Spencer's case at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston.

He noted that while his client had nothing to hide, the World Anti-doping Code speaks to athletes' right to privacy.

"I don't know any other jurisdiction in the world that does public hearings in a doping proceeding. It would never happen in the United States; it would never happen in any country in Europe. This is the only country that ever had public hearings," Greene told Jamaica Anti-doping Disciplinary Panel chairman, Kent Gammon.


Private hearing


"If you look at the rules of confidentiality I'm not even sure it's appropriate for Miss Spencer's case to be public right now. In the United States and under USADA (United States Anti-doping Agency) rules, the whole thing would be a private hearing," Greene added.

Meanwhile, former Jamaica Anti-doping Commission doping control officer, Dr Paul Wright, agreed with Greene.

He told STAR Sports that he does believe that doping hearings should be kept out of the public domain, especially if an athlete is later able to prove their innocence.

"The decisions are in the public domain but we have precedence. It's usually held at the Conference Centre and anybody can just walk right in. It's unusual but we have precedence," he said.

Gammon in the meantime said that the matters were matters of public record and saw no reason the media should be kept out of the hearings.

"I don't have to tell you this is how the rules are here. I have no problems with it," he said.

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