Netball boss admits risky move

April 07, 2017
Dr Paula Daley-Morrison (right) president of Netball Jamaica greets Jermaine Allison-McCracken, Sunshine Girls head coach, at the Social Development Foundation office on April 6.

Paula Daley-Morris, president Netball Jamaica has admitted that hiring English woman Jermaine Allison- McCracken to guide Jamaica Sunshine team is a big risk.

Daley-Morris told STAR Sports after yesterday's introduction of Allison-McCracken that her association is prepared for whatever backlash it may face if Allison-McCracken fails to deliver.

"We are taking risk because Jermaine is unknown to the netball world, but we felt that we needed to take to risks if we are to move the programme forward," she said.

"What she brings with her in terms of her knowledge and skills, the experiences is worth putting in the programme to see if we could find a winning combination," Daley-Morris said.

There was big controversy surrounding the hiring of Allison-McCracken after she was given the job ahead of veteran coach Connie Francis.

However, Allison-McCracken said has not been paying attention of what is going on in the media because she is focus on her new job.

"I am totally unaware of anything that have been going on in the media and so as far as I am concern, my way going forward is clear, have a job to do," said Allison-McCracken.

"I know what I am going to do and so what has gone before is not really my business, sorry, I am not interested," she said.


Much easier


McCracken added that she is very familiar with the Sunshine Girls style of play and so this is going to make it much easier for her to work with the players.

"I have watched these Sunshine Girls over the last 20 years because anything that they are on TV, I am always tuned in," she said.

"I analysed their games; I know how that play, I know that we play a different game, and I am avid fan and now I am the coach," she said.

McCracken, who is of Jamaican parentage, brings to the position substantial training in the areas of sports psychology and netball coaching.

She holds a United Kingdom Level Two coaching certificate and has vast experience in game introduction and netball skills development at different levels.

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