Planter fights like a coward - Holmes

April 15, 2017

Richard "Frog" Holmes has thrown a jab at fellow Jamaican boxer Ricardo Planter, describing him as fighting "like a coward", during Wednesday night's Contender Series bout, which he lost to Canadian Phil Rose.

"I think he could've won the fight but he never fought his fight and fought cowardly because maybe he was afraid of the guy's (Rose) strength and power," Holmes said.

Planter went down by a split decision, with only one of the three judges giving him the fight and left many local fans at the Chinese Benevolent Association Auditorium complaining that he put on a timid display in the five round contest.

Holmes agrees, saying he thinks Planter was simply afraid of Rose, who looked a physically more imposing fighter.

"He should have stood up and boxed and get in from the outside. I don't know. Most people say they don't like how he fought because he could've done better and I say that too but I thought he was gonna win the fight, but that's just how it goes."

Holmes said that Planter did not make use of counter punches when Rose threw shots at him and left himself exposed.

He went on to say that Planter also let himself down, given this is his fourth season in the competition, and he has never passed the quarter final. Wednesday's loss happened in the first round of the competition.

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