Planter says Frog gets easy fights

April 20, 2017


Ricardo Planter yesterday hit back at fellow Contender boxer Richard 'Frog' Holmes, who claimed that he fought "like a coward" during last week's loss against Team Canada's Phil Rose.

Planter said other Team Jamaica boxers cannot criticise him because "they get easier fights every year".

"Frog fought (Sakima) Mullings and that fight got stopped. He fought (Devon) Moncrieffe and lost. His victory over Tsetsi (Davis) wasn't legit. Is cause him (Davis) get cut when him (Holmes) buck him why him reach the final last year," Planter countered.

"Who did they give the Canadian to fight? Me! Box-Rec (a popular boxing record-keeping website) has this guy in the top 100 and he is the top-ranked Canadian in the Contender.

"I was looking at Phil's Facebook page and he was saying he was happy for the split-decision win. How often do you see the foreign judge go with the hometown guy? I can guarantee this is the only time you will ever see that happen in the Contender," he pointed out, saying even the local judge was against him.

Spectators in attendance at last week's match, including Holmes, claim Planter did not show enough aggression against Rose.

In his defence, Planter gave two reasons for his loss, ring rust from not fighting for two years and having to drop 14 pounds four days before the fight.

"I didn't eat for four days," he said. "The scale at my gym was 10 pounds off. It said I was at 158 pounds when I was really 10 pounds heavier, so I said I can easily run off four pounds. I had to cut more and ended up weighing 151.5, so I drank an energy drink to put on half a pound so they don't see how light I was before the fight," he revealed.

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