Boo $2m, says boxer Davis

April 21, 2017
Tsetsi 'Lights Out' Davis

Tsetsi 'Lights Out' Davis took the fight to his haters in a split decision win over Dave Leblond in the Contender Series on Wednesday night.

In a dramatic turn around, perennial crowd favourite Davis suddenly became the underdog at the Chinese Benevolent Association Auditorium with the crowd suddenly chanting "Canada," Leblond's homeland, and booing Davis when it was announced he had won.


Good fans


Davis said that the crowd reaction did not get to him, as all that matters is that he is through to the quarter finals.

"I have good fans here and I have bad haters here but listen, I thank God Almighty because what happened to me yesterday morning to make the weight, my purse (has) gone to him," Davis said, reflecting on paying a fine for being overweight at Tuesday's weigh in.

"It was a close fight and a good fight and it don't matter what people want to say but I give thanks to the judges because they scored it in my favour. My purse (is) gone on that fee tonight and I'm going home in pain but I'm happy."

Davis was also not in agreement with the crowd, who thought the bout was very close. When asked by Star Sports if Leblond ranks as one of the tougher boxers he has faced in his career, Davis said no.

"No, never, never!" Davis said. "I had harder fights all of my career. Sub Zero (Ramel Lewis) gave me good fights, (Devon) Moncrieffe gave me good fights, Sakima (Mullings) gave me good fights, (Howard) Eastman gave me good fights. Him (Leblond) have a little speed but it didn't hurt me. When he was coming fast, I blocked them (his shots)."

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