Champs glory boosts high school coffers

April 24, 2017
Acting Jamaica College principal Wayne Robinson
Calabar High's De'Jour Russell (left) winning the Class One 110m hurdles in a record 13.21 seconds. Oquendo Bernard (right) of Jamaica College was third and Rasheed Broadbell (centre) of St Jago High placed sixth at the 2017 Boys and Girls' Championships.

Jamaica College acting principal, Wayne Robinson, said that while it may seem that his school spends lots of money trying to win the Inter-Secondary School Sports Association Boys' Championships and Manning Cup with little return, the financial input from the school's old boys more than makes up for it.

"It does pay. Jamaica College gets a lot of support from its alumni. One of the pillars of the school is the old boys and old boys association and whether they are here or abroad they will notice if we win Champs or football in particular," Robinson told STAR Sports recently.

"It's easier to get money from old boys when you're winning or doing well. You don't have to win to get it but you do well," Robinson added.

Robinson also said that recruiting students helps to build the school's ability to win these competitions.

"It is an indirect but important benefit," he said.

Jamaica College are defending Manning Cup and Olivier Shield champions and have won both competitions every year since 2013. They also won both trophies in 2007 and 2010. Prior to that, they hadn't won a Manning Cup trophy since 1974.




"When we hadn't won football for 30-odd years it was a drought in all our income because JC boys have a connection to football. So if you don't even win but you perform poorly then it's directly co-related to the support from your old boys," Robinson said.

He said of note the school's Scotland Hall was recently renovated completely with donations from old boys. Jamaica College last won Champs in 2011 but have finished runners up or in third since then.

"JC is a trust school so the private donations from old boys (runs the school) and they are motivated by the school doing well in whatever competitions," he said.

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