Powell hits back after JFF scolding - Wi want wi money!

April 26, 2017
Orville Powell

MONTEGO BAY United's (MBU)outspoken president, Orville Powell, has shot down a release from the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) scolding the club over a bust-up with the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA), saying all he wants is for his club to be paid outstanding monies.

On Saturday, the JFF issued a release stating that after convening a meeting with MBU, the PLCA and the Professional Football Association of Jamaica (PFAJ) on Friday, MoBay had been "readmitted" to the PLCA.

The release also stated that privileges previously enjoyed by the club would be restored and a statement "outlining MBU's responsibilities to the PLCA" would be provided.

However, Powell yesterday told STAR Sports he was clueless to the meaning of the JFF's release, and MoBay need to be paid by the PLCA.

"If I am now reinstated, when was I out?" he asked.

"We had written to them seeking guidance on how we can withdraw from the PLCA and were told that we cannot withdraw. We wanted to remove ourselves, hence we wrote to the parent body (PFAJ) about how we could do that," Powell stated, giving an outline of the impasse.

"They instructed us to write to the PLCA to say we were gone, and they came back to us to tell us we could not leave. They asked us to rescind the letter, which we have done. That was in December and this discussion has been happening since June," he pointed out.


No funds


Powell said the club's main issues have not been addressed and he has since written the JFF, seeking clarification.

"I'm saying, the only thing they could have released out of the meeting doesn't speak to any of the issues at all. I don't know what the benefits of the PLCA are," he said, pointing out that MoBay have received no funds from the PLCA all season and has sought legal advice on how to proceed.

"Wi want wi money. The bottom line is that wi want wi money. It is unfair to have us abiding by the same regulations as other clubs, and we have financial obligations, and we just want our money," he said.

"We have creditors now. Our players are getting restless. We have suppliers who are demanding their money. To me, it is not fair play. How is it that the other clubs have everything going normal for them. FIFA is about fair play, and I don't see fair play in this at all."

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