New coach says Scotland could beat Sunshine Girls

May 05, 2017
Jermaine Allison-McCracken, senior Sunshine girls head coach at the Netball Jamaica press conference.
Shanice Beckford

Sent home on Wednesday by new national netball coach Jermaine Allison-McCracken senior players Khadijah Williams, Shanice Beckford, and Nicole Dixon said they were disrespected "from day one".

The trio were expelled for what was deemed inappropriate behaviour

However Beckford and Williams claimed the entire team were being belittled by Allison-McCracken who told them at training that even lowly Scotland could beat them at netball right now.

Scotland is ranked at number 10 in the world out of 36, whereas Jamaica is ranked at fourth behind Australia, New Zealand, and England.


Refused to start


Beckford said she was shown the door after she refused to start over a drill in training on Wednesday.

"She told me to start over what I was doing and I said I can't start over and so I dropped my weight and then she said you need to leave and don't come back," Beckford said.

"She was raising her voice and I don't like when people raise their voice at me. She has been doing that from the first day she met us. I even told the manager to talk to her about it," she added.

Williams said she always carried out her functions in training and was surprised by what happened.

"She asked me if I am going to have exams all week next week and I said yes and she then said since I am not coming next week, then don't come back until after the series against Barbados," said Williams.


Very surprised


The netballers are preparing for a three-Test series against Barbados in Kingston in two weeks.

Both players said that Allison-McCracken has been spending time with them in the pool since she took over.

"I am very surprised because I have always done my best because I am a person that can't swim and since she has been coaching us we have been in the pool a lot," Williams added.

However, part of Allison-McCracken's approach is to have rounded players. In an exclusive interview with the Star on April 20, the coach said that any players who did not have the right attitude would be expelled.

"I'm not dealing with attitudes of people who can't be bothered to do anything but netball. They won't be an asset to Jamaica. I'm looking for players who want to be an asset and desire to be the best they can be," she told STAR Sports then.

Netball Jamaica communication director Wayne Lewis when told the players had spoken to the media was not amused.

"They spoke to the media? The players are not supposed to be doing that. Why are you people jeopardising the youth them future because when something like this happen them not suppose to talk to the media," Lewis said.

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