Stewart sticks to his guns

May 06, 2017
Arnett Garden's player Leon Strickland (left) comes under pressure from Montego Bay United's Captain Dwayne Ambusley in their Red Stripe Premiere League encounter at the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex last season.
Carvel Stewart.

Despite a STAR legal source's opinion that the PLCA is legally obliged to pay Montego Bay United for its last eight months of participation in the current season of the premier league PLCA vice chairman Carvel Stewart is sticking to his guns and insists the body owes them no money.

"That's his (the lawyer's) opinion," Stewart told STAR Sports yesterday.

"Everybody has his legal opinions. We would have a lawyer with a different opinion," he added.

The PLCA on Wednesday issued a release saying that MoBay had, of its own wishes and desires, withdrawn from the league between August12, 2016 and March 31, 2017 and was therefore owed no money by the PLCA as it was not a member during that period.

However, MoBay continued to play in the league during this period and our legal expert said that contractually, the PLCA would have to pay MoBay under the same terms as conditions of the other teams in the league as by virtue of playing they would be a member.

MoBay's president, Orville Powell has said he will stop at nothing to ensure he gets paid including taking it to the highest body, FIFA.

Stewart yesterday insisted that he would not be paying MoBay.

"We don't owe them any money," he said, adding "When it gets to that stage we will see," when told about Powell's intention to take the matter to court. .

League sponsors Red Stripe had stopped sponsoring broadcast of the league matches last week.

However, since Montego Bay United was booted following Monday's quarter-final against Arnett Gardens, Red Stripe has resumed broadcast of the league beginning with the semi-finals which begin tomorrow.

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