'Money is our problem' - lack of funds forced cut in netball programmes

May 08, 2017
Dr Paula Daley-Morrison (right) president of Netball Jamaica greets Jermaine Allison-McCracken, Sunshine Girls head coach, at the Social Development Foundation office on April 6.

Netball Jamaica president Paula Daley-Morris believes that while it would be ideal for there to be one technical director in charge of all national programmes, the local body is not in a financial position to hire such a person.

Jermaine Allison-McCracken was hired to coach the senior Sunshine Girls in April. However, Daley-Morris says the local association is only able to focus on one team at a time because of finances.

"The money is always our problem," she told STAR Sports.

"We can't run all the programmes at the same time. The other administration had the same problem. When we had the funds, all three programmes were in training and they would be coming up fit, but the last five years, we have only had the senior team in (consistent) training," she said.

Daley-Morris also noted that Allison-McCracken is still new and not used to all the various arms of the national setup.

"We have several programmes. She is new, so she really doesn't know a lot of things. She is just unaware of them now because we do not have the funds to run them," she said.

Meanwhile Daley-Morris also said that while several recent players have objected to training that involved being in the pool, it is not a new phenomenon for Jamaica's Sunshine Girls.

"Maureen (Hall) used to do all of this. It's not new. That's how we prepared the team. I did it. The majority understand. It's just a few that need to adjust. We just have to get them to understand the science around it and why things are being done," she said.

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