Jamaicans for ice hockey tournament in Canada

May 12, 2017

Jamaica's ice hockey will have its first real test when it plays in an ice hockey tournament in Nova Scotia, Canada this weekend.

The national under 20 team will play in a game on Saturday against a local aggregation of former professional players and coaches and will play the Nova Scotia Under 20 All Stars on Sunday.


Boost its profile


Most of Jamaica's team currently play competitively in the Ontario Hockey League. The Jamaica Olympic Ice Hockey Federation (JOIHF) is currently on a drive to boost its profile. The Jamaicans are coached by Graham Townsend a Jamaican who now lives in Canada.

Don Anderson, who will be accompanying the team, told STAR Sports that while the team has no shot at making it to the next Winter Olympics, they are working on improving themselves.

"They need a rink in Jamaica and they are trying to get around," he said.

Andersons aid the JOIHF has been in discussions with one of the world's leading Ice Rink manufacturers who has established temporary and permanent rinks in climates similar to Jamaica.

Discussions are currently being held with a view to exploring the possibility of hosting a set of weekend games in Jamaica.

The Canadian tournament is part of the celebration of the 100th year of the birth of the Ice Hockey movement in Canada.

Halifax where the tournament will be held is the first Canadian city in which black people played ice hockey.

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