Do I know you? - Hylton says he first saw JADCO officer at hearing

June 01, 2017
Sports attorney Dr Emir Crowne with Riker Hylton on arrival at the Jamaica Conference Centre for his hearing on Tuesday, May 30,2017.
Riker Hylton


It will be a case of whose story the Independent Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel believes, come July 31, when a decision will be handed down in 400-metre sprinter Riker Hylton's anti-doping hearing involving the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO).

Hylton is alleged to have breached Article 2.3 of JADCO's bylaws that he evaded or refused to submit a sample collection for testing.

Six witnesses gave testimonies which strongly contradicted each other throughout the two-day hearing, Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday, JADCO chaperone Damon Smith claimed that he identified himself to Hylton on April 27, 2016, to conduct a doping-control test, but the athlete responded three times, saying, "Unnu nah test mi dis morning ... guh look fi MVP athletes".

However, in his testimony yesterday, Hylton claimed he had never met or heard of Smith until the first day of the hearing.

Hylton also claimed that in a meeting at JADCO headquarters, hours after the incident, Tajae Smith, JADCO's, chief of mission on the morning in question, had shaken his head when asked by the executive director whether he had notified the athletes that they were being selected for doping-control tests.


Doping-control test


On Tuesday, Smith, in his testimony said he had not given a response of any kind in that meeting.

Hylton's defence seemingly rests on him not being properly notified by JADCO of a doping-control test to be conducted. Under JADCO rules, any official wishing to conduct a test on an athlete must directly identify him or herself to the athlete and let them know the purpose of the visit.

Hylton's representative in the case was Dr. Emir Crown, who said he is confident of a ruling in his team's favour.

"We have sought to demonstrate several inconsistencies in JADCO's story that they, in fact, notified Mr Hylton, in accordance with WADA's (World Anti-Doping Agency) standards, so we are fairly confident," he said.

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