Carpenter aims for best this summer

June 02, 2017
Calabar's Christopher Taylor (right) and Anthony Carpenter finishing first and second in the Class 1 Boys 400m at the 2017 Boys Championships.

Christopher Taylor isn't the only 400-metre runner from Calabar High School aiming to do well at a summer championship.

Taylor's schoolmate, Anthony Carpenter, is focused on the Pan-Am Junior Championships, set for Puerto Rico in July. Carpenter has already set a personal best this year and is hoping for more at the National Senior Championships.

Carpenter led the Boys and Girls' Championships Class One final until Taylor nipped him at the finish.

Nevertheless, he lowered his lifetime best of 46.92 seconds to 46.53. He hints at faster times when he races the seniors.

"I'm training for the Pan-Am Juniors [and I'm] going to the senior trials for a better time," he revealed during a chat at the recent All-Comers meet.

Incidentally, when he reached the final 100 metres in the lead, he saw himself winning the gold medal at Championships.

"I expected to win because when I came in the straightaway, I was way ahead of the field, but at the last five metres, I started to panic and started to tighten up, so he passed me."




The ruggedly built Carpenter has now won silver medals, behind Taylor, in Class Three, Two, and One, that Champs race is behind him. He already has scholarship offers from two universities and wants to continue in the sport after 2018, when he will complete his high school eligibility.

"My plan is to continue doing tracks after high school. [I'll] see what happens after that," he said.

The 18-year-old Carpenter has become Jamaica's best junior 4x400 lead off runner. In that role, he won a bronze medal at the 2016 World Under-20 Championships. He helped Calabar to big wins at Champs and the Penn Relays and, in the former race, he zoomed around the track in 46.6 seconds. That's the best first leg by a Jamaican schoolboy this season.

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