Huge community support expected for Police Athletics championships

June 02, 2017
Senior Superintendent of Police Terrence Bent.

Chairman of the Police National Sports Council Terrence Bent is expecting huge community turn out for support at this year's Jamaica Police Co-Op credit Union Police Athletics Championship, which begins today at the Stadium East, starting at 10 a.m.

"The Police Championships is the culmination of the elimination meets of the various areas. Those eliminations include training run-off, and they come now to display their skill, and, hopefully, take top spot. They will use physical fitness and employ this level of training throughout their lives. It also acts as a community interactive point. They are interacting with other agencies," Bent told STAR Sports.




"It also builds morale and acts as a motivator for members. They get a chance to see a different side of the force. It facilitates sportsmanship and friendly rivalry," he added in explanation.

This marks the 150th anniversary of the JCF, and the local constabulary has extended invitations to members of the private security companies, the Passport, Immigration, and Citizenship Agency, and the fire brigade to participate in invitational races at the championships, which wrap up tomorrow.

The 'two-day festival of athletics' will involve all eight divisions in the Jamaica Constabulary Force. That will include geographic spaces as well as specialised areas such as the Police Training College, non-specialised areas, and defending champions Mobile Reserve.

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