Buxton open to Contender rematches

June 03, 2017
Tsetsi 'Lights Out' Davis
Dave Leblond

Team Canada's promoter Tyler Buxton has said that he would definitely love to promote a fight night featuring two rematches from this season's Contender Series.

Following the controversial ending to week three's bout, Canadian Dave Leblond has been calling for a rematch with Tsetsi Davis and said he would be open to it whether in a latter round of the competition or later this year.


Tougher opponents


Larone Whyte, who lost to Sakima Davis on Wednesday, described him as one of the tougher opponents he has faced in his career and said he would love to step inside the ring with him again very soon.

Buxton told STAR Sports that he is very much open to the idea of setting up an event, if both matches do not take place in the tournament.

"I think either Mullings versus Winston (Matthews, who Mullings beat in week one) or Mullings versus Whyte or Mullings versus both of them is a good idea," he said.

"They both kind of did very very good against the guy who's supposed to be number one (Mullings).

"Obviously Tsetsi Davis and Leblond is the one that the whole country's talking about, so that one's gotta get done for sure," he added.

Buxton said he has plans of staging regular events in Jamaica, starting later this year and this strikes him as a very marketable idea, as he said he believes boxing is a well supported sport locally.

"The Contender ends in July, so it depends on how far the guys make it, how much of a break they need, so maybe as early as September or October," he said.

"The Jamaican crowd's seen the fight, they know the fight. The people in Quebec and in Canada have seen it but the media hasn't talked about it as much as the Jamaican media. If there's a Canadian judge, a Jamaican judge and say, maybe an American judge, and maybe grab an American referee, then the playing field's level all the way around. So I think that's what we should do and that's what one of my first events down there should be. I'll call it 'The Rematches.'

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