JFF orders PLCA to pay MoBay United

June 03, 2017
Carvel Stewart

A STAR Sport source says that the Jamaica Football Federation have given the PLCA until June 17 to pay all monies owing to Montego Bay United for the 2016/17 Premier League season.

The Premier League Clubs Association and MoBay, have been at odds in a matter that has played out in the media over the last few weeks, after MoBay President Orville Powell revealed that his club had not been paid since the start of the season.

However, PLCA vice-president Carvel Stewart told STAR Sports that the club had withdrawn from the competition in September last year and that as far as he was concerned, the PLCA owed MoBay no debt.

"We don't owe them any money," he told STAR Sports in a story published on May 6.

Despite the PLCA's insistence on not paying Montego Bay United, the body operates under the sanction of the Jamaica Football Federation which is the local governing body for all football related activities in the island.

Yesterday, when contacted by the STAR Sports, neither Stewart nor Powell would comment on the reported JFF ruling.

Our sources have said that the ruling also included a gag order on the parties which would preclude them from comment.

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