Money makes MoBay run

June 05, 2017

For Montego Bay United President Orville Powell, the money to be earned from the Premier League is the bottom line and the final-four format is the best way for sponsors and teams to capitalise on earnings in the top-flight football competition.

Powell was speaking to STAR Sports in response to queries on what might make the most suitable format for the Red Stripe Premier League - be it a straight league or a mixed competition with a knockout stage, as now pertains.

Powell said the current format, which features a semi-final and final, is the best way to earn, but added that some teams don't know how to make the most of it.

"All I think about is the money and the bottom line. I agree with a top-four format. I believe in a semi-final and a final. It is at the end of the competition that it brings the value to the sponsors and the interest to the league. The knockout stage is an opportunity. Outside of Arnett, I don't think a lot of them can capitalise," he told STAR Sports.

Powell also said that the league in general was not making the most of its potential spectator base.

"There are more people that want to come to football than are coming, but because of the conditions nobody is gonna come. I think the problem is people don't understand the competition they are playing in to get the desired result much better," he said.




This season, Humble Lion and UWI FC were the teams which amassed most points. However, neither team made it to the final. UWI lost to Portmore in their semi-final match-up, while Humble Lion lost to Arnett Gardens.

It led to cries of "unfair" from some corners.

"If UWI were better than Portmore, they should have beat Portmore," said Powell, adding that as far as he is concerned there is no 'league' and 'knockout' in the competition. The RSPL is, in fact, only one competition.

"The thing that we have to understand is that this is our major competition that is mandated by FIFA for us to have, and the winner moves on to the CFU Club Championships. I don't know why we have to confuse it to say we have a league and a knockout. It's one competition that ends in a knockout competition. Any team that says they won the league, they are fooling themselves. There is an incentive to amass the most points. That's all it is," said Powell.

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