Coach Chin praises spirited Lindsay

June 07, 2017
Akino Lindsay (right), who won gold and silver medals at last week's International Sport Kickboxing Association Amateur Members World Championships in Athens, Greece, poses with coach Cklaude Chin.

AKINO LINDSAY is still beaming after opening and closing the show with gold and silver medals, respectively, for Jamaica at the 2017 International Sport Kick Boxing Association (ISKA) Amateur Members Association World Championships in Athens, Greece.

For Lindsay, 2017 was his tournament to prove after debuting at Portugal 2015 with a gold but ended up being dropped for Stuttgart 2016 due to insufficient activity on the local scene.

Though he was outshone on the podium by female microweight Sheckema Cunningham's two gold medals, it was Lindsay who set the pace on last Wednesday's opening day by winning the super heavyweight crown in continuous sparring for Jamaica to leave the tournament with four gold and two silver.

"This is his second ISKA gold, which certainly shows his potential in all forms of fighting," coach Claude Chin noted.

After enduring a tough run to the super heavyweight title, the lively fighter said he can't wait to face his rivals in Jamaica next year when the event will be staged in Montego Bay.


Medals won


"We are in Europe so I was kinda out of my element. I really can't wait to fight these guys in Jamaica, my hometown, to defend my title," he said after getting past France, Germany and the Ukraine in the final.

On Sunday's final day, Lindsay and Ackeem Lawrence closed the tournament with silver medals in points sparring.

McKay, head of ISKA Jamaica and organiser of next year's World Championships, said the medals won by Jamaica will go a far way in promoting not only the tournament but also the island's brand.

"Once again, Jamaicans have proven that they can succeed anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Come next year, we're gonna be putting on a show in Montego Bay with three defending champions, one a double gold medallist," he said.

"It is considered really crucial that, being hosts, countries should have persons defending their world titles," McKay added.

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