Seating mix-up leaves Bolt fans outraged

June 12, 2017
A section of the crowd inside the National Stadium in the late afternoon ahead of the start of the JN Racers Grand Prix at the National Stadium on Saturday.

Several persons, some carrying small children, who turned out to witness Usain Bolt's final race in Jamaica at the JN sponsored Racers Grand Prix inside the National Stadium on Saturday, were left fuming after arriving in the Grandstand to find seats they had already bought and paid for occupied by other spectators also claiming the seats to be theirs.

The spectators in question ordered tickets through the online ticket option provided by the meet organisers, the Racers Sports Management Company, an offshoot of the Racers Track Club and were assigned seat numbers.

expressing disgust

However, when the affected spectators arrived to take their positions, they found persons already sitting there, who had been assigned the same seat numbers. Those already seated refused to cede their seats.

One fan said that she intended to write a strong letter to the meet organisers expressing her disgust and perhaps even to demand a full refund of the $14,000 spent to purchase two tickets in the 'G' section of the Grandstand.

"I'm disappointed because of the nature of this event in 2017. While I was sitting here (other) people came to sit down in the same seat. It has left a bitter taste in my mouth and almost spoiled the event for me," she said.

Yesterday the Racers Track Management apologised and said the issue affected approximately 100 persons whose tickets were "erroneously duplicated" during the online ticketing process. Racers said those affected were notified before the event.

"However, on event day, as the excitement, intensity, and attendance numbers continued to increase, it eventually became clear that some ticket holders were not aware of this reassignment process" the release added.

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