Cooke says stadium was not sold out

June 13, 2017
Cynthia Cooke

Cynthia Cooke, the official in charge of ticketing for Saturday's JN Racers Grand Prix yesterday said scalpers and a misunderstanding, on the part of patrons, as to the location of the ticket office, were to be blamed for persons believing the meet was sold out.

"The Stadium was not oversubscribed. Not based on tickets that we have left over. We printed 25,000 bleachers tickets and we have more than 2,000 left. I should say almost 3,000," Cooke told STAR Sports.

Cooke said tickets were not being sold from the Stadium ticket office, which, she explained, was a sterile area during Saturday's meet at which Jamaicans turned out in their thousands to witness track and field legend Usain Bolt run his final race on local soil.

Explaining how disappointed persons were unable to get inside to see the action, Cooke said tickets were "being sold from a bus parked on the netball courts by the police station".

"When we went there at two o'clock, there were about 30 persons selling tickets, scalpers. Some of them had as much as 50 tickets. I can't say where they got them from. However, I can say that complimentary tickets were given out," she said.

Cooke speculated that scalpers were the ones telling people that tickets were sold out.

"And if you go to the ticket booth and see the ticket booth closed, then that would be the assumption. It was not oversubscribed. If there were people outside who didn't have tickets we didn't know that. In fact, when I went inside, from where I was sitting in the grandstand, I could see empty seats across from us in the bleachers," she added.

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