MoBay money due weekend

June 15, 2017
The start of this season's Premier League has been postponed due to several factors including the failure of the Premier League Clubs Association to pay money which is due to Montego Bay United.

MONTEGO BAY United president Orville Powell is counting down the days to Saturday, June 17, to see whether he will receive payments from the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA), as ordered by the Jamaica Football Federation, for participation in last season's Red Stripe Premier League.

"The creditors are still calling because I haven't paid them," Powell told STAR Sports.

The president of the dethroned Premier League champions said he owed more than $2 million to creditors. In addition, his players have not been paid in two months.

"Creditors are one thing, now the season is done so even the ballers, they are under contract, they themselves have not been paid, so everybody is waiting," he told STAR Sports.

Montego Bay have not received any money from the PLCA since the start of the season, a spat sparked by the club serving notice that it wanted to withdraw from the organisation. However, by its continued participation in the league, Montego Bay, legal experts opined, were due monthly payments from the PLCA, as much as any other team.


Own funds


Powell said the club had made do with other sponsorship, even using his own funds to help meet the club's expenses.

"I had to find the money from other sponsorship and me, myself, had to find the money to pay them," he said.

"The (sponsorship) money from PLCA is not going to cover all your expenses. So the club has an income from gate receipts and we have been using that to stop some gaps," he said.

Meanwhile, Powell said he has had to evaluate his club's options in the context of all that was currently happening in local football, primarily the recent death of Jamaica Football Federation president Captain Horace Burrell.

"I don't know where our football is going to go with all that is happening. All of these things that are happening now, I have to sit down to make my decision," he said, adding that he can't start the next season owing money.

"All of these things I am contemplating right now. I can't start a season in the red. These are things I'm looking forward to," he said.

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