PLCA won't say if it will pay MoBay

June 16, 2017
Carvel Stewart

Montego Bay United president Orville Powell says that the ongoing money saga between his club and the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) is getting to him after being told that he should not speak on the matter publicly but has seen clips of Carvel Stewart addressing the issue in the media.

Montego Bay has not received any money from the PLCA since the start of the season. The issue developed when the club served notice that it wanted to withdraw from the organisation.

However, by Montego Bay's continued participation in the league, legal experts opined that they were due monthly payments from the PLCA just like any other team.




According to STAR sources, the JFF has instructed the PLCA to pay MoBay United the outstanding funds by tomorrow and has also placed a gag order on both parties.

Stewart spoke of the issue in a news report on TV this week. Powell also said that he was called to a disciplinary meeting to discuss the issue of publicly speaking on the matter and other issues after being issued the JFF directive.

"All I can say is that if people ask me a question, I answer, and I said, 'People stop ask me about this because it is so and we can't speak about it.' I don't know what else they are telling me not to speak on," he said.

Meanwhile Stewart, the PLCA vice-chairman, when contacted by STAR Sports and asked if his body intended to pay the club, said that he had no comment other than to say that the matter was under review.

"We have not made any further statement since the letter. I did not say we will not pay the money. We, the PLCA, have not made any further statement since our last statement. The last statement outlined the history of the situation. It did indicate that we will not pay anything beyond what the JFF has said," he added.

Powell, in the meantime, appeared frustrated with the issue.

"It is getting to me because if the JFF (Jamaica Football Federation) makes a decision, or my governing body makes a decision, and you take the channel and you go to the highest body, whether they are wrong or right, that's what I am going to abide by. They make the conditions that the game are played on," he said.

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