ISSA to reassess match registry

June 17, 2017

Newly re-elected ISSA president Dr Walton Small has said that the association's method of data-collecting and registry will be addressed in an upcoming retreat with its officials.

Questions had been raised about ISSA's ability to recall information gathered from its tournaments over the years, as calling its offices for information such as match scores and player statistics, would yield unfavourable results. Persons working at the office would direct callers to the schools taking part in each match in question, to get this information, saying they are not responsible for its collection.

But Small was quick to deny that this meant that ISSA had no way of keeping track of its tournament statistics, saying that the association has other methods of registering its information.

"There is a portal," he said. "I don't know exactly what the portal is because they (ISSA employees) don't do that. There is a portal where the scores go straight to that portal. That is what we have in place."


Site's accuracy


This portal Small referred to is a website ISSA has set up for the tracking of scores during the schoolboy football season from September to December each year. However checks to this site by Star Sports had shown that some of the scores listed on this site are actually incorrect.

"I'll have to revisit that at our retreat so see what I can do to make it more," Small said, regarding addressing the issue of the site's accuracy. "But definitely the scores are coming in so fast and furious that there's no one person within the office to address this issue. It's a very small staff."

Small said that ISSA will be reviewing the issue at the retreat which takes place at the end of the month and continued that methods of statistics keeping will be reviewed not just for Champs and its schoolboy football tournaments, but all sporting tournaments it governs.

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