Female teacher plays in Hanover Business House football league

June 20, 2017
Nicoda Ramsay is rated as among the best players on the Rusea's staff's squad.
Ruseas staff football team

Call her a rose among the thorns, but Nicoda Ramsay does not consider herself a misfit. The Rusea's High School history teacher is the lone female participating in the Hanover Business House Football League

Ramsay, a defender, is said to be among the best players on the Rusea's staff squad, which is competing in Zone B of the competition.

"I started playing in high school, but not on an islandwide competitive level. I played for my community, Georges Plain, for a while and I really started off playing when I went to the University of the West Indies," Ramsay told WESTERN STAR.


Football family


"I love football. I am always playing because I am from a football family. It is one of the pastimes that we love. Nobody plays professionally, but we all have a love for the game," she added.

The playfield at the Rusea's High School's Campus II in Lucea will be abuzz with activity, today and over the next two months, as teams square off in competetion which recently kick-started there.

Sixteen teams from across the parish are competing in the seven-a-side league and games are being held between Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evenings.

The competition is the brainchild of football referee and physical education specialist Yakeeni Malcolm.

"The idea is to get workers across Hanover to become familiar with each other. It helps also for the youngsters around to see that camaraderie, because when nothing is happening Hanover is a flat place. We want events and evenings like these that bring the communities together," Malcolm told WESTERN STAR.

Zone A: Hanover Health Department, Copperwood Farms, Taxi Association Lucea, Lucea Financial Institution and Top School Invitational.

Zone B: Rusea's High School (staff), National Insurance Scheme, Tax Office/Hanover Municipal Corporation, Gateway Co-operative Credit Union, Jamaica Public Service Company and Hopewell Farms.

Zone C: Texaco Kickers, Jamaica Constabulary Force, Sales Reps, RIU Palace, Hanover Fire Department and Green Island High School (staff).

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