Referee Legister against 60-min game

June 22, 2017
Referee Valden Legister (second right) bellows for assistance from the touchline in a 2010 Premier League match in which Humble Lion's Zico Herrera (on the ground at left), went down with a serious injury, stalling their game against Village United in Falmouth.

Local FIFA referee Valdin Legister said he is against a proposal for the shortening of football's regulation time to 30 minutes per half, down from 45, with the clock stopped each time the ball is out of play. However, he said that if FIFA does decide to go with the idea, he would have no choice but to "work with it".

The idea is among those put forward by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body that determines the laws of the sport globally. In its document with the proposal, IFAB said that it hopes such a move will improve player behaviour, increase respect, fairness, and attractiveness of the game.

It also says stopping the clock each time the ball goes out of play will increase the overall playing time as matches under the current timing format are said to only see roughly 52 minutes of playing time of the full 90.

"Personally, I don't agree, but if FIFA is willing to approve and go with it, then I have to work with it," Legister told STAR Sports.

"When you play 90 minutes, normally, you get about 75 minutes of playing time. The other time is normally ball out of play. Taking it down to 30 (per half), you can just imagine the amount of playing time you would get."

Legister said that such a move would also impact the flow and entertainment value of games.

"Spectators will miss out on the fun that's there now," he said. "If I am watching a game and it is going to be stopped at intervals, then it takes something away from the game, but I am one who's open for change, so if FIFA approves, then I'll have to go with what FIFA says."

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