Ricketts promises Coley role in JFF if elected

July 01, 2017


South Central Football Confederation chairman Michael Ricketts has said that former national senior men's team assistant coach Miguel Coley has a role in his administration, should he become the next Jamaica Football Federation president.

Ricketts made his intentions of becoming JFF president clear, ahead of today's board meeting to determine an interim president. He said he intends to put his name forward as a candidate when nominations open in 15 days.

He told STAR Sports that Coley would be called back to the programme, as he has been what he describes as "wasted" by the JFF.

"The truth is that the JFF has invested heavily in Coley," Ricketts said. "I think it's a waste to just have him out in the cold. We have invested too much in a coach that has potential, that has been exposed at all levels and I do believe that there is a role for Coley.


Formal apology


However, Ricketts said that he could not say exactly what capacity he would recall Coley in.

"I will not say to be technical director, or to be senior men's coach, but I do believe that the JFF has invested so much in Coley that it is a waste not to be utilising his expertise right now," he said.

Ricketts had said last year that Coley was harshly treated by the federation, which dismissed from his role as assistant coach after the national team failed in its World Cup qualifying bid. He then issued a formal apology to Coley.

Ricketts is not the only person to speak about Coley's qualifications recently. Last week, former senior men's team head coach Winfried Schafer told The Gleaner that Coley is the best man to replace Vin Blaine as national technical director, because of his experience working with young players.

Coley is currently off the island, participating in a coaching seminar in Spain.

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