Waite lashes 'schoolboy' players

July 01, 2017
National assistant coach Jerome Waite (right) discusses tactics with goalkeeping coach Warren Barrett at a recent Reggae Boyz training session in May.

National assistant coach, Jerome Waite, has likened the performance of the island’s local based players in the Caribbean Cup final to that of “schoolboys” and said they must improve in this months’ Gold Cup if they want to continue to be part of the programme.

Jamaica was beaten 2-1 by the hosts Curacao in the Caribbean Cup final in Martinique on Sunday

Waite said the local based players made too many turnovers and their decision-making skills were very poor, adding that the coaching staff was very disappointed.

"They (mistakes) were schoolboy errors. You know when players are doing madness, so you call it schoolboy errors, because only schoolboys would do such madness," he told STAR Sports.

He added that the Gold Cup will be very important for these players when they look to select players for the next World Cup qualifiers in 2019.


"If they want to push forward and be a part of the programe, it will be important to show the quality at the Gold Cup. Plus players that get the opportunity to play at the Gold Cup, a lot of doors will be open for overseas clubs and coaches to see them but they can make the adjustment with practice," he insisted.

Waite said it was a big disappointment for the coaches because they had huge expectations of the local based players and were looking to them in terms of long term development.

"So these (errors) are things they have to minimise out of their game and try to improve and reach the next level," he said.

Waite believes it’s something which could be done with practice and better concentration and said local based players can raise their game on the international scene and show more quality and tactical awareness.

"Concentration is always a factor but players need to learn and understand what it needs to make a difference.  It must be an ongoing thing.  We all know we are not in World Cup qualifying, so this is our World Cup. We have to leave a mark on this Gold Cup,” he added.

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