'Concrete' regains his passion

July 08, 2017

Former Contender Series champion Devon 'Concrete' Moncriffe has said that he has regained his passion for boxing after Wednesday night's win over Canadian Winston Matthews at the Mico University College.

Moncriffe, who won the tournament in 2013, was knocked out of this year's competition after a first-round defeat to Canadian Larone Whyte in May. His last time competing before then was in October of 2015 when he had a win against Renan St Juste in his hometown of Montreal, Canada.

Moncriffe, who is now 40 years old, said that getting a unanimous decision win against Matthews made him feel confident about being in the ring once more.

"Right now, mi feel good," he told STAR Sports.

He added that he was eager to get back in the ring and that he would take any opportunities placed in front of him to do so.

"Mi nuh have nuhbody fi link up wid right now. Mi nuh suh young, but at di same time, mi still a do good. Any fight mi get right now, mi a tek it. Mi cyaan stop train. When mi stop train, mi a go tek too long fi get back fitness suh if mi continue train, it better fi mi," Moncriffe said.

Reflecting on his loss to Whyte two months ago, Moncriffe said that that he was pleased with the showing he put up despite losing. He added that it showed him that as long as he continued to work hard, he could still be competitive.

"Honestly, deh one deh weh mi lose, mi naa lie, yuh nuh. Di amount mi put out inna dat fight di night and mi lose, pon di split decision, mi know seh a nuh beat up mi get. Mi just tell miself seh right now, mi just a gwaan train hard. Mi naa hold back," he said.

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