'No disrespect' - Chop Chop offers Sub Zero advice

July 14, 2017
Corley (right)

Patrons at the Contender series at the Mico University College on Wednesday night witnessed an unusual boxing match when DeMarcus 'Chop Chop' Corley faced Ramel 'Sub Zero' Lewis in the professional undercard bout.

Corley, on his way to a unanimous judges' decision victory, appeared to be toying with Lewis throughout the fight, dancing around him, at one point Corley, the more experienced boxer at 43-years-old, appeared to be doing the popular "Gully Creeper" dance when approaching Lewis. Corley could also be heard, by those at ringside, talking to Lewis throughout the eight rounds of the bout.

Lewis, 28, said that he did not find Corley's actions disrespectful but instead as motivation.

"He (Corley) was saying you're a good fighter but you need to keep up the hand. He said you're doing well, but as a young fighter you need more patience. I take away a great experience, even though I had to drop weight so quick for this fight," he told STAR Sports.

Corley said that he wanted to do for Lewis what Floyd Mayweather Jr did for him when they sparred in the past.

"I was in a training camp with Floyd, when he's in there sparring guys, he be talking to 'em," Corley said. "When you can't hit him, he said 'nope,' 'eat this, eat that.' I just wanted to mimic some of the things I learnt from Floyd when we were in there sparring. When he makes you miss, he makes you pay."

Corley also had advice for how Lewis can make himself a better conditioned fighter.

"He has to move his head. He doesn't move his head. I heard his corner telling him to move his head and he didn't do it so that's why I doubled, triple up on the jabs, three or four times. (I would tell him) not to blow up in weight after a fight. He say he gets up to 154lb or 160. Then he has to drain to lose all that weight to get back down to 142lbs. That's not good for a fighter. He should walk around at 145. He should maintain his weight. His body is like a car. He gotta take good care of it, put good gasoline in it so it can run right," Corley said.

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