Mended fences - Lothian, Lamont now friends

July 17, 2017


Table Tennis Jamaica president Godfrey Lothian, says he and long time adversary Samuel Lamount have buried the hatchet and are now "friends".

Lothian and Lamount became enemies after Lamont challenged Lothian for the table tennis presidency last year, and the claims and counter claims by both parties in the media saw a deterioration of their relationship.

However, when the squad for the senior Caribbean Championship was named recently, eyebrows were raised when Lamount was one of the two coaches named to accompany the team.

Lothian revealed that this is the third such stint his former adversary has undertaken with the association since year, and he is just giving the best man the job.


Tremendous work


"We have very good people doing tremendous work across the country and these are the people I am going to put forward. You are going to see the people doing tremendous work for Jamaica and my role is to make sure that there is the best table tennis.

"Samuel Lamount is hard working person. He has a number of young players and my role as president is to mend fences. So it doesn't matter if I am not your favourite person, as long as you are the best person you must get the job, you must be a part of the delegation," he said.

This is Lamount's third assignment since 2017. He also went to Guyana with the cadets and the World Championships.

"Things have improved between us, tremendously. He is my good friend now. Lamount has his issues from time to time but he is doing great work over in Portland and we have to bring him to the fore," Lothian added.

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