I will never fail a drugs test - Mo Farah

July 19, 2017
Great Britian's Mo Farah crosses the finish line to win the Men's 3000 metres race during the London Anniversary Games at London Stadium, London, Sunday, July 9.


The next time Farah returns to the Olympic Stadium it will be to bid farewell, competing at the World Championships before heading into retirement.

"I am getting slightly a bit more nervous and a bit, 'Oh my god, this is it, this is it,'" Farah said, "but it is normal."

Another testing week off the track ended for Mo Farah in victory, followed by a further defence of his integrity. In the penultimate race of an illustrious career, the four-time Olympic champion won the 3,000 meters at the London leg of the Diamond League in 7 minutes, 35.15 seconds on Sunday, July 9.

Farah insists he has always run cleanly and evidence has never been presented to doubt him.

But uneasy questions returned for Farah once he left the London track on a sweltering London summer afternoon, having beaten Adel Echaal of Spain.

Questions prompted by data hacked from track's governing body that showed Farah's blood readings were initially flagged as "likely doping" following analysis by an unidentified expert. Another file attached to the same email published by Russian-linked hackers said the British runner's profile was "now flagged as 'normal' with the last sample".

"I am sick of repeating myself and you guys are just making something of nothing," Farah said. "As I said, I will never ever fail a drugs test and that is who I am to people who know me. I work hard at what I do and I just carry on enjoying what I do and it comes as a little distraction."

Farah became more irritated as the probing continued in the mixed zone where he was accompanied by his manager and spokeswoman.

"I can only control my legs and what I do and I know there are a lot of people who support me, behind me, the whole nation," Farah said. "It is just a small majority who think to become a success you must be doing something.

"I said I will never fail a drugs test. That is who I am. I believe in clean sports and I just have to enjoy what I do, keep smiling. And let you guys do what you do."

"There is no secret to what I do," Farah said. "My life is not as easy as people think. It is hard work, about grafting. I wish you guys would understand it a bit more and write down the facts. I do what I do, keep smiling."

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