Team Trace takes first place at Nutramix Regional Four


July 22, 2017
Participants in the fourth round of the Nutramix Dominos competition in St. Elizabeth recently. Contributed.

Fireworks ignited inside the auditorium at the St Elizabeth Technical High School in Santa Cruz last Saturday in the fourth regional round of the Nutramix Double Six Domino Tournament. When the smoke cleared, only Team Trace was left standing.

Team Trace emerged first-place winners ahead of Team Assassinator's Mark Blair and Franklin Robinson, residents of Lacovia in St Elizabeth.

"I am feeling great. I travelled all the way from Kingston just to win. I give God thanks and I am looking forward to the finals," Team Trace's Nakeya Bethune said.

The Central Village, St Catherine resident entered the tournament last year but didn't make it to the grand final.

Ainsley Allen of Team Trace attributed their win to the love of the sport.

"Domino is what I play every day. It's a sport I enjoy and for me it's like a stress reliever. We both love domino and the passion is what played a role in our success," he said.

More than 38 teams competed at the fourth regional round. Among the participants were eight females. Members of Team Scamma, who won the third regional round in St Thomas the week before, came out to provide support to the participants.

Team Trace won a cash prize of $50,000, 100 baby chicks and 20 bags of animal feed, courtesy of Nutramix, while Team Assassinator won 50 baby chicks and 10 bags of animal feed.

The fifth regional round in the Nutramix Double Six Domino Tournament is scheduled to take place today at Mandeville Park, Mandeville.

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