Sue-Ann Chang is CC’s daCosta Cup ‘mother’

August 15, 2017
Ms Cornwall College, Sue-Ann Chang

Although she is not officially employed by Cornwall College, Sue-Ann Chang has been serving as 'team mother' for the daCosta Cup programme at the 121-year-old institution for the past 25 years.

Chang's allegiance to Cornwall College was clearly evident when she visited The STAR's Western Bureau last week. She was clad in one of the school's trademark red and gold jerseys and her hair was also braided in the same colours.

"My cousin, George Hemmings, used to captain the team in 1992, and I started following the team," said the 43-year-old Chang. "He and Dr Dean Weatherly, the team's head coach, were good friends ... so there was no problem with me being around the team. I gradually started playing the mother role for the team at that time."

"Soon, I was travelling to matches on the team bus to make sure the boys are okay," said Chang, who hails from Jarrett Terrace in Montego Bay. "My role is to make sure the boys are okay, wash the jerseys and help with discipline."

When accompanying the team on their daCosta Cup trips, the St James High School graduate would wear a version of the boys' regular school uniform as a show of support for them during their matches.

"I used to dress up in my khaki pants and white shirt with my tie and go to matches with them. That is how we started out," said Chang. "Last year (when Cornwall College won the tournament) was one of my best times ever. The boys made me proud. They played very well. I was the one looking about their (drinks) ... everybody just came together and played a big role."

Last year, Chang's role with the team was not limited to the football season as she has remained like a maternal figure to players like top striker Jourdaine Fletcher, Peter-Lee Vassell, and Leonardo Murray.

"Last year, I played a mother role for Jourdaine. I talked with him and counselled him ... I have been looking out for him and Peter-Lee from they were in grade seven, playing in the Under-14 squad ... I remain close to them right through to the daCosta Cup," said Chang. "Leonardo is my godson ... I washed, cooked, and do just about everything for him."

She added: "I am not there just for daCosta Cup. I am there right through the year, and I make sure to check on them to ensure that they are paying attention to their academic life as well."

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