Nevers likens McCracken to a bad workman

August 16, 2017
File Allison-McCracken

Celebrated netball coach Winston Nevers has agreed with former Sunshine Girls head coach Jermaine Allison-McCracken that local netballers are unprofessional but said part of her problem was her approach, which did not bring out the best in them.
Allison-McCracken, who recently walked away from the job after certain demands outlined in a correspondence were not met by Netball Jamaica, had sent home three players for "inappropriate behaviour" within two weeks of taking the position in April.

After resigning at the end of July, less than six months on the job, Allison-McCracken said the players’ attitude to work was not professional.

"They need to have a professional approach where players turn up on time, do what the coach ask them, put in 70, 80 per cent, 110 per cent when it is required and focus on being the athlete that they are," Allison-McCracken told STAR Sports last week.
However, Nevers, who has also worked with national teams as well as domestic players in his role as coach of top local clubs Jamalco and Windalco, said whereas there are elements of unprofessional behaviour among players, had Allison-McCracken tried a different method, she would have got more out of them.
“I know that these girls are not professional. I agree with her when it comes to that, but it’s how she go about it. They unprofessional but, guess what? You can work with them and get them to be what you want them to be,” he said.
“I know they turn up late at training and I know they tell some lies to get excuse from training. Them smart, them ginnal, but it’s the way you go about it.  You can be strict but deal with it professional as well,” he added.
Nevers said Allison-McCracken was to blame for the reaction she got from the players.
“I think she should blame herself because people react to you how you deal with them. She started on a bad note, so people deal with you how you work with them. I work with those players and they never have any disrespect (for me),” he added.


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