Stephenson promises good media relationship

September 02, 2017
Ambassador Stewart Stephenson

Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) presidential candidate Ambassador Stewart Stephenson has promised what he describes as a good relationship between the association and the media, should he win the upcoming election.

Stephenson said that the media is important to the exposure of young local talent in the sport, and he will be looking to mirror his approach to getting local youth tournaments broadcast during his time as president of the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA).

"I can't account for what has happened in the JFF (regarding its relationship with the media)," he told Star Sports. "My approach as leader of KSAFA over the years is that the media is the primary mouthpiece for exposure and development of the game. Expect nothing but a very close working relationship with the media.

"In KSAFA, we found that problem about exposure. We engaged two media houses to broadcast our matches. We also got valuable revenue from it, from the administration."


Financial affairs


As part of his campaign manifesto, he said that one of his short-term goals between 2017 and 2019 (when Captain Horace Burrell, who died earlier this year, was supposed to finish his term as president) is to strengthen the financial affairs of the JFF. He said that one of the ways this would be done is through providing more transparency in the negotiation of contract terms, including media rights.

"I don't think many board members are aware of what is happening with the media rights negotiations. One of the things that I will bring to the board, as a (former) parish president myself, is that we need to know exactly what is happening at every stage with all these contracts and negotiations."

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