Trevor Craig using sports to save Hanover's youth

September 05, 2017
Trevor Craig
Trevor Craig trains a group of youngsters at Watson Taylor Park in Lucea, Hanover.

Football coach Trevor Craig believes youngsters in Hanover, particularly boys, are not being given enough support by elders to enable them to be worthwhile and productive citizens.

"We need help for these children because if we don't help this generation, we are going to lose an entire cohort to what is happening out there. So, if you don't give them something else, you will have a generation who just gonna murder one another, you know," he said.

Craig, who was born and bred in Lucea, like most Hanover boys, was introduced to various sports at an early age and represented Hanover in football, tennis, cricket and swimming. For him, the camaraderie among his peers was exceptional and they all had the benefit of good mentors.

"I think the youths are neglected now. I remember we were being pampered as youths. We were being treated good as youths by the people who were ahead of us. Those things are embedded in my generation; we take care of each other. This is what keeps me going even now. I cannot stop. I know what it has done for me, so I am trying to do the same for one or two of these boys now," Craig explained.

Over the years, Craig has led numerous coaching programmes in Hanover, including the Hanover Football Association's Youth Development Programme, most times travelling to various communities at his own expense. He has also served as head coach at the Hanover Parish Development Committee's Summer Enrichment Football Camp for Boys and coached the Merlene Ottey High School DaCosta Cup team.

"At present, the Zodiac Youth Football Club that existed in Lucea, we have revived it. Training is every Saturday at Watson Taylor Park at 9 a.m. Most of the youngsters are under 14. So I am working with this generation to make them more productive," he said.

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