Goalscoring machine - Craig Foster keeps hitting target

October 10, 2017
Craig Foster (left) celebrating a goal against Waterhouse with then teammate Javed Richardson of FC Reno in their Red Stripe Premier league encounter at the Drewsland Stadium last season.
Reno striker Craig Foster (right) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal against Waterhouse in a Red Stripe Premier League match at the Waterhouse Stadium last season.

Reno striker Craig Foster says his sight is not set on a national call-up, insisting that his immediate aim is to keep getting goals for his Premier League side.

Foster struck twice in his team's 2-1 win over Humble Lion at the Frome Sports Complex on Sunday.

"Craig Foster, over the years, has always been scoring, so it's not because I want a national call-up. I will continue to score, whether or not I get a national call-up. For now, I'm just trying my best to stay healthy and help my team to go as far as possible in the competition," Foster said.

The striker has now scored four goals in just three games, but coach Michael Graham believes he will get even better as his fitness improves.

"As soon as we get him more agile and up to full fitness, I think he will definitely be there because he is a natural goalscorer. We expect him to make the national team in a short while, but he has some work to do and we will continue to work with him through that transition," Graham said.

Apart from Foster's ability to score goals, he has the ability to lift his team to perform at the optimal level and this is something that coach Graham admires.

"Craig has always been a season-in, season-out performer for this team ... he is taking this game with a lot of professionalism and is our most senior player, so we looking forward to more from him in the season," said Graham.

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